Types of Cancer


If cells within your bladder begin to grow abnormally, they can form a cancerous tumor. Most bladder cancer begins in the cells that line the inside of the bladder.


The following are symptoms of bladder cancer:

  • Blood in your urine;
  • Pain or burning during urination;
  • Having to urinate more frequently;
  • Difficulty urinating, including a slow or weak stream;
  • Pelvic or back pain.

Risk factors for bladder cancer include:

  • Age (it typically occurs in people over 55);
  • Gender (bladder cancer is far more common in men);
  • A history of tobacco use;
  • Exposure to certain industrial dyes or chemicals;
  • Exposure to chemotherapy during previous cancer treatment;
  • A history of chronic bladder infections, bladder stones or prolonged use of indwelling catheters.

The cancer is typically diagnosed with a cystoscopy, in which a doctor uses a special camera to look inside your bladder. X-rays or CT scans may also need to be taken of your upper or lower urinary tract. For more information, call 618-288-9044.